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Army Navy’s Bacon Breakfast 

Hello Bacon lovers!

Today I would like to announce to you that Army Navy recently had some changes in terms of their food choices. They no longer have Tocino in their menu which makes me the saddest person in the entire world. 😭

They also used to have this Bacon with longanisa on the side, sunny side up egg and garlic rice, but now they opted to remove the Longanisa. But you have now the option to choose between your favorite BACON or their special Longanisa.

Well, It is actually a win-win situation for me especially that I am never a fan of Longanisa because I had some traumatic experience before which I’m not sure if it is appropriate to share here in my food post. To cut the story short, their new Bacon breakfast meal which consists of more bacon is something in favor of me!

I think the price is almost the same with their previous Bacon with Longanisa meal. The last time I checked, Bacon is 185php per meal without drinks. I also just want to add that I prefer their new garlic rice! More garlic like the ones you have at home.

I usually eat at Army Navy’s after my shift so my officemates or anyone close to me would know how many times I go to Army Navy a week.

Here is something that I will leave here:

Happy eating!!



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Eyelash lift and Semi-permanent Mascara

Hello everyone!

Last Sunday I’ve had a procedure called Eyelash Lift with Semi-permanent Mascara at Permanent Makeup Manila by Pauline Ylaya.

I have been so amazed with how they turn short lashes to gorgeous ones based from their client reviews! I first learned about Permanent Makeup Manila when a Filipino youtuber Michelle Dy posted a review or vlog on her Youtube chanel about the procedure as well as what she’ve done with her eyebrows.

I literally couldn’t sleep and wanted to try both the Hyperreal 6D eyebrow embroidery as well as their lash lift with mascara. Unfortunately, since Pauline is personally the one who will do your brows, they have limited slots to accommodate clients which hopefully they can increase. But I understand how Pauline wanted to take more time with her clients to ensure that she will provide perfect looking brows because “kilay is life!”

I had my eyelashes instead. I tried to call their office/clinic and good thing Vicky her gorgeous and very kind assistant was able to schedule me that Sunday. 

Here is a before photo before the procedure:

You can barely see my lashes. That is how short they are! The procedure took around 1 hour and a half to finish everything.

At first, I had to fill up an information sheet/waiver then Vicky politely asked me to move to their ‘grooming’ area where procedures are usually done. 

We started at exactly 6pm. I was in a comfy seat with lights on top of my face but it is something not bothering. Then she wipped off any makeup from my eyes and around the area to ensure that I will achieve perfectly curled eyelashes. Then put white sticky patches on top of my lower lashes.

I took some photos first before I closed my eyes. During the entire procedure, I had to close my eyes so any lotion that she would need to apply on my lashes will not enter my eyes. She put a small silicone just the size of my eyes then tried to roll my eyelashes on it. I think this will serve as the rod for curling.

We waited for 7 minutes after applying the first layer of lotion then another 7 minutes after the second one. I felt like Vicky is removing carefully my lashes from the silicone a few minutes after applying the curling lotion.

After it is time to put some mascara!! Vicky said that it really depends on someone’s lash cycle up to when the lash lift and mascara will last. But on an average it would be between 4-6 weeks. Long enough though! Few weeks that you will be eye make-up free!! 

When I checked myself on the mirror, I cannot believe how gorgeous it turned out. Although it is more curled that what I have expected, I know that the lift will not be the same few days from now. I also requested Vicky to put some mascara as well on my lower lashes but it is a bit painful to the eyes, especially on the left side. I am totally not sure why but according to Vicky, all her clients felt the same. But still, I really love how it turned out. I imagine how many minutes I could save by not curling my eyelashes and appying mascara everyday to look presentable. Also, no more racoon or panda eyes for me! This is indeed perfect for summer. 

Here is my photo after the session:

Thank you so much, Permanent Makeup Manila for accommodating me and making me beautiful! I cannot wait to have them fix my eyebows as well.

I had my photo taken with Vicky and my daughter Mikhaila who paitenly waited for me and filming me. She is ever supportive of my vanity! 

You can still book on their website or call Vicky thru the details below:

You can also send your questions below on the comment box. 

Thank you! 😘



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Better version of myself

Here is my exit blog I have written in 2013 for my internship at Rappler.
Time flies so fast. I may not be a Journalist or even close to this profession but I still live by the things I’ve learned from my Summer Internship.
Let me share this with you for now:

“Wow, Rappler?! Ibang level ka na talaga ha.” (Rappler? You’ve outdone yourself!) I get that a lot whenever I mention my internship.

Upon hearing the word Rappler, I get a surprised look—similar to my own reaction when I first learned that I got accepted.

Best April fools
The word “Congratulations!” written in bold letters greeted me in the afternoon of April 1. I wasn’t so sure if the email I received from Rappler was legit or just some sort of April fool’s day prank. I shrugged the idea off after I recovered from shock. Before I knew it, I was already jumping around my little apartment shouting the words, “I got in!”
That’s when the real story began.
Perfect timing
Days before my internship started, I managed to read a few blog entries written by previous Rappler interns. As I read their stories, I got really excited. Even if I just experienced half of what they went through, that would make me happy.
What I didn’t know was that Rappler had a lot more to offer this time.
Since the 2013 election was weeks away, I knew I was lucky to do my internship at this moment in time.
The events that followed my first day on the job whizzed by. Just a day after we were oriented, we were thrown into the middle of Rappler’s Senatorial Debate. I helped control hundreds of ecstatic audience members assembled at the Quezon Memorial Circle.
I was also sent out to the field to cover events, conduct interviews, and write articles. I was even asked to research data on local politics for weeks.
Rappler forced me to step out of my comfort zone and experience real-life situations.

Ups and downs
For many of us, if not all of us, Rappler’s election coverage was indeed the highlight of our internship.
When I first entered Rappler’s war room, I was overwhelmed with two emotions. One was happiness and the other one was fear. I felt happy and honored to be working with the best people in this field. I felt like I was also a professional journalist like them. However, I knew the work ahead wouldn’t be easy. I doubted myself if I could really perform my duties well or at least keep my head above the water.
I know we can’t always make things go our way. My experience was not the smooth sailing I had hoped for; nonetheless, I was thankful I got to be a part of this event.
Instead of feeling discouraged by the mishaps, it served as a challenge for me to become better and to make up for my shortcomings. I became more focused with my work. I was able to push myself beyond my limits.
As a result of my hard work, and thanks to my supervisors, two of my articles were published which made me the happiest person in the war room that night.

Character building
At Rappler, I never felt that I was less important just because I was an intern. They made me feel needed and my outputs were equally valued.
This internship tested the strength of my character while under pressure. I discovered that I had greater potential than I thought existed. More importantly, it made me a more mature and responsible student, which I will take with me when I go back to school this June.

Rappler did not only help in honing my skills in writing, it also helped in molding my character.

As I leave, I know I will miss everything about Rappler—working alongside Maria Ressa, the Rappler staff (especially the MovePH team), and my co-interns who made my stay more colorful, including the elevator rides and long bus trips I had to endure every day.
I can’t believe my time with Rappler is over. Those 222 hours I spent with Rappler were the best.

A better self

Definitely, I would want to be a better journalist someday. With all the things I’ve learned in school and in Rappler combined, I have no doubt I can reach my dreams.

I stepped inside the Rappler office a month ago empty-handed, with determination as my only weapon; but, along the way, I’ve picked up a lot of life-long values and lessons that I now carry with me.

As I write this exit blog, I am confident to tell the world that, through Rappler, I am more equipped to face the battles ahead. Without fear, I will start that ripple of change. –
You could check this article published on Rappler’s website:
I hope you like it!



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Tassel earrings is love

I got these two lovely tassel earrings from ERIN by ETSY during last Trendestter’s Bazaar in WTC. 

What a fan of bazaars I really am! 

I’ve been looking for tassel earrings long enough and just right on time, this online shop named ERIN by etsy happened to be selling these fab earrings and they are participating the bazaar. 

I honestly prefer to check it myself that buy online although shopping online is really convenient nowadays. 

I got these not on sale because they said it is not included in bazaar’s promo of slashing 100php off if I regram their photo. Anyway, it costs around 180php each. For me, it is quite expensive knowing that there are several other shops selling those earrings as well but I opted to buy from ERIN because I’ve been buying shoes from them for several years now and they have so much colors to choose from. I personally like the one in Salmon but after few seconds, I learned to appreciate the one in Marsala as well. Since I cannot decide, I bought two! 

I’ve been using the one in Marsala more because I find it easier to mix and match with my outfit. Since we are going to the beach this long weekend, I have more chances in showing off my tassel earrings in Salmon! Watch out!

Wohoo!! Do you also like it? Buy yours now! 😘

Tassel earrings with love,


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Tale as old as time

My Las Casas Story.

Our department decided to hold our team building at Las Casas, Bataan.

It was last April 22-23, 2017. Since I was part of the committee, we had to go to the place earlier to check the site and make sure that everything will go smoothly as expected. We had to meet at around 4:30 AM at Jollibee, Pasay road and left around 5:15 AM. We had one stop over at NLEX gasoline station to buy some chips, water and other stuff.

The Crew:

We arrived at the location around 9 in the morning and headed straight to its office. We made sure to discuss everything to our activity coordinator to help us set up our mini amazing race. It was already humid and hot but we had to check the perfect spots for every stations. Our activity coordinator advised us to wait til 2pm to check in but we could already have our lunch. While waiting for others, we had 3 scoops of home made icecream for 100php. It was superb actually but a bit expensive for an icecream. After all, it was really hot so we decided to still have it than buying a bottle of small mineral water for 35php! 

If you are planning to go here, make sure you have enough water because everything here from drinks to food could be very expensive.

We also took the chance to have some pictures while we are still not that busy.

We really love this place! So iconic and it feels like there was a time machine which brought us back to 1800s. 

Although everything is indeed picture perfect, we still got a lot of things to do and had to go back to work and continue planning for our activities and dinner afterwards.

Here are some of the photos during our team lunch and team activities:

We had our dinner near the river side and it was perfect! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any pictures. Bohoo. We had bonefire afterwards and had some drinks. 

By the way, we had our lunch, merienda and dinner in Las Casas but wasn’t really satisfied with their food choices. Since I was part of the committee, I asked around if they were satisfied with their meals but it seems like they are equally disappointed. I’m pretty sure they can do better on this area though. Hopefully by the time we come back this June with my family. 

But I had to take credit on their buffet breakfast! We really loved it that we had to go back three times. We were hungry like that. 🐷

Overall, I really had a great time at Las Casas! I even recommended this to my friends, family and anyone looking for a quick escapade from the busy city in Metro Manila. 

Their room rates though could be a little steep but they offer anniversary sale and such when you try to book it via mobile! 

We already are booked this June 13 for only 7k and we already got a two floor room. Very spacious for a family of 7! 

I will definitely update you once we are back. Also hoping for a better weather. 

If you want to reserve or an inquires, you can directly reach out to their team below:

Feel free to let me know your own Las Casas story! ❤️

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Cebu Pacific and Get go on another Seat Sale!!

Interesting! It seems like both Cebu Pacific Air and Get Go will have their most awaited seat sale on May 29-31, 2017!

We better hurry! When the clock strikes 12, we know what to do. Better plot those dates and where you wanted to spend your most awaited Vacation.

I’ll personally try to book one going to HK. Hopefully, I can join my family there this August. 

Will provide another update later. May the odds be in your favor! 🙏🏼


Travel date would be June 1-Dec 31, 2017.
Just an update guys, I was able to book round trip tickets Manila-Incheon for 9 people. I can’t believe Korea again! ..and booked two RT tickets to HK yay! 

Price summary would be

44,000 php manila-incheon 9pax RT

5,000 php + 2,000 getgo points manila-hongkong 2 pax RT

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Review on Skin Potions

I’ve been following a lot of online shops in IG these past few years and lately, I’ve been very much addicted in attending bazaars such as Trendsetter and Manila Sundance. 

Actually today, I spent the whole day at Mega Mall to check every shops present for the last stretch of Manila Sundance’ Summer Sale. I’ve been going gaga so much with a lot of things lately! 💸 I will blog about what I’ve got today some other time. For now, let’s focus first on this one specific online shop which guarantees beauty! I’ve been following this shop for quite sometime and been reading a lot of good comments!

Without further ado, let’s start..

Last Trendsetter bazaar at World Trade Center, I was able to catch Skin Potion and surprised with the number of people checking their items. Before going to WTC, I’ve done my assignment and knew that Tomato serum and Strawberry cream are a big hit! True enough, after several minutes their rack of tomato serum is empty! I heard they restocked thrice already in just one day. See how people love their products!

Luckily, there were still three bottles left – probably mistaken to be a tester since there were no bottle caps already. I have asked their assistant and she informed me that tomato serum is sold out already and if I really want, the three pcs left were the only ones she can offer. They promised to replenish the next day but it would be difficult on my part to go back. So I said yes right away since another girl hurriedly asked for the tomato serum the assistant was holding.

They were on sale for buy 1 take 1. I think their tomato serum is around 400php for two pcs. Then their strawberry is on around 350 if I’m not mistaken. I got the last one half the price! 

I was happy with my purchase and excited to try both products after reading all great feedback all over the internet.

Fast forward to today, although I’ve been using these two for 2 weeks now, I noticed that there is no much difference on my face other than the least thing I would like to see.. Yes, I was having breakouts! 

I am still using these products from time to time though hoping that my skin will get used to it and fulfill its promise in providing softer, whiter, and more beautiful radiant skin.

So far, I am loving the Snow Berry Cream which is a good mask at night. I love how soft my skin feels in the morning! It says you could use it before applying make up but I highly discourage doing so as it may leave some white casts. Not something you would like to have. It also has a sweet fruity scent – strawberry cream! Although not so hygenic as there is no spatula included and would need you to get contents in the jar with just your fingers unless you have something else that you could use.

On the other hand, I did not appreciate much the tomato serum. First, I really do not like its consistency. Too sticky for my oily face. It feels weird when I apply it on my face, and it has a terrible scent. I still have two unused tomato serum which I am thinking of giving away since I might not be able to use it at all. 

I will update you again soon on its progress! Hopefully it stays true to its name! 

You can also check their products online thru IG @skinpotions 

They also have physical stores nationwide!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Skin Potions!