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To the one that got away..


I was just browsing my email when I saw this one. I cannot remember why you sent me this or why it seems like we were falling apart. Already.

Until now I could not understand what went wrong. All I remember is, we had one huge fight, said something I didn’t really mean. And then you were gone.. You know I tried my best to keep us  together but you pushed me away and I never felt so lonely and alone. All I see was you. I’ve seen you in every places that we’ve been to. I kept on praying to see you, even just to see you. I was at my worst. But everytime I look back, all I remember is the fullness of our love. We were so young back then but the feeling is sureal. Something unmeasurable. Something great. Something irreplaceable.

You may not know, but I was able to establish a better relationship with my mom. And I thank you for that. I was also able to know my self more. The process was not easy but definitely all worth it.

You may not be able to read this. I really hope that you don’t. But atleast I was able to say these things to you.

Thanks for everything. Good and bad. Memories I will treasure forever. You will always be my ‘the one that got away’. I wish you all the best and I am happy that you have finally found the one. 🙂



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