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Better version of myself

Here is my exit blog I have written in 2013 for my internship at Rappler.
Time flies so fast. I may not be a Journalist or even close to this profession but I still live by the things I’ve learned from my Summer Internship.
Let me share this with you for now:

“Wow, Rappler?! Ibang level ka na talaga ha.” (Rappler? You’ve outdone yourself!) I get that a lot whenever I mention my internship.

Upon hearing the word Rappler, I get a surprised look—similar to my own reaction when I first learned that I got accepted.

Best April fools
The word “Congratulations!” written in bold letters greeted me in the afternoon of April 1. I wasn’t so sure if the email I received from Rappler was legit or just some sort of April fool’s day prank. I shrugged the idea off after I recovered from shock. Before I knew it, I was already jumping around my little apartment shouting the words, “I got in!”
That’s when the real story began.
Perfect timing
Days before my internship started, I managed to read a few blog entries written by previous Rappler interns. As I read their stories, I got really excited. Even if I just experienced half of what they went through, that would make me happy.
What I didn’t know was that Rappler had a lot more to offer this time.
Since the 2013 election was weeks away, I knew I was lucky to do my internship at this moment in time.
The events that followed my first day on the job whizzed by. Just a day after we were oriented, we were thrown into the middle of Rappler’s Senatorial Debate. I helped control hundreds of ecstatic audience members assembled at the Quezon Memorial Circle.
I was also sent out to the field to cover events, conduct interviews, and write articles. I was even asked to research data on local politics for weeks.
Rappler forced me to step out of my comfort zone and experience real-life situations.

Ups and downs
For many of us, if not all of us, Rappler’s election coverage was indeed the highlight of our internship.
When I first entered Rappler’s war room, I was overwhelmed with two emotions. One was happiness and the other one was fear. I felt happy and honored to be working with the best people in this field. I felt like I was also a professional journalist like them. However, I knew the work ahead wouldn’t be easy. I doubted myself if I could really perform my duties well or at least keep my head above the water.
I know we can’t always make things go our way. My experience was not the smooth sailing I had hoped for; nonetheless, I was thankful I got to be a part of this event.
Instead of feeling discouraged by the mishaps, it served as a challenge for me to become better and to make up for my shortcomings. I became more focused with my work. I was able to push myself beyond my limits.
As a result of my hard work, and thanks to my supervisors, two of my articles were published which made me the happiest person in the war room that night.

Character building
At Rappler, I never felt that I was less important just because I was an intern. They made me feel needed and my outputs were equally valued.
This internship tested the strength of my character while under pressure. I discovered that I had greater potential than I thought existed. More importantly, it made me a more mature and responsible student, which I will take with me when I go back to school this June.

Rappler did not only help in honing my skills in writing, it also helped in molding my character.

As I leave, I know I will miss everything about Rappler—working alongside Maria Ressa, the Rappler staff (especially the MovePH team), and my co-interns who made my stay more colorful, including the elevator rides and long bus trips I had to endure every day.
I can’t believe my time with Rappler is over. Those 222 hours I spent with Rappler were the best.

A better self

Definitely, I would want to be a better journalist someday. With all the things I’ve learned in school and in Rappler combined, I have no doubt I can reach my dreams.

I stepped inside the Rappler office a month ago empty-handed, with determination as my only weapon; but, along the way, I’ve picked up a lot of life-long values and lessons that I now carry with me.

As I write this exit blog, I am confident to tell the world that, through Rappler, I am more equipped to face the battles ahead. Without fear, I will start that ripple of change. – Rappler.com
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I hope you like it!