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Shawarma Bros 

I would like to share with you my experience with Shawarma Bros! 

This is the most talked in town Shawarma house in Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill.

This is actually my first time to try their food but I have already received great feedback from my officemates and friends.

Their store is a bit small compared to the avaerage restaurants in the area. It is located at second floor of Venice Piazza. 

We tried their chicken and beef rice shawarma with side dish.

To be honest, I like their shawarma better than in Halal guys. Although prices are of the same range, I think I would still go to this one.

We also tried their chicken tederns and have sworn how delicious it is! I like the sweet garlicy flavor of it. Perfect for my tastebuds although my boyfriend did not like it that much.

You will get all three sauces in this order but if you opted to try their beef or chicken rice meal it only comes in two types of sauces.

Prices are at 150-250 per meal depending if you would like to upgrade so you will have side dish of your choice. They also offer 35php + to upsize drink. 

I am also inlove with their yougurt drink priced at 110php it is so good!

Before I forget, if you will try to dine here, do nit forget to ask if your company is affiliated or in partnership with Shawarma Bros to get discounts!

I hope you find this helpful and let me know if you have any questions or comments 😉
With love,

Van ❤️

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To the one that got away..


I was just browsing my email when I saw this one. I cannot remember why you sent me this or why it seems like we were falling apart. Already.

Until now I could not understand what went wrong. All I remember is, we had one huge fight, said something I didn’t really mean. And then you were gone.. You know I tried my best to keep us  together but you pushed me away and I never felt so lonely and alone. All I see was you. I’ve seen you in every places that we’ve been to. I kept on praying to see you, even just to see you. I was at my worst. But everytime I look back, all I remember is the fullness of our love. We were so young back then but the feeling is sureal. Something unmeasurable. Something great. Something irreplaceable.

You may not know, but I was able to establish a better relationship with my mom. And I thank you for that. I was also able to know my self more. The process was not easy but definitely all worth it.

You may not be able to read this. I really hope that you don’t. But atleast I was able to say these things to you.

Thanks for everything. Good and bad. Memories I will treasure forever. You will always be my ‘the one that got away’. I wish you all the best and I am happy that you have finally found the one. 🙂