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Tassel earrings is love

I got these two lovely tassel earrings from ERIN by ETSY during last Trendestter’s Bazaar in WTC. 

What a fan of bazaars I really am! 

I’ve been looking for tassel earrings long enough and just right on time, this online shop named ERIN by etsy happened to be selling these fab earrings and they are participating the bazaar. 

I honestly prefer to check it myself that buy online although shopping online is really convenient nowadays. 

I got these not on sale because they said it is not included in bazaar’s promo of slashing 100php off if I regram their photo. Anyway, it costs around 180php each. For me, it is quite expensive knowing that there are several other shops selling those earrings as well but I opted to buy from ERIN because I’ve been buying shoes from them for several years now and they have so much colors to choose from. I personally like the one in Salmon but after few seconds, I learned to appreciate the one in Marsala as well. Since I cannot decide, I bought two! 

I’ve been using the one in Marsala more because I find it easier to mix and match with my outfit. Since we are going to the beach this long weekend, I have more chances in showing off my tassel earrings in Salmon! Watch out!

Wohoo!! Do you also like it? Buy yours now! 😘

Tassel earrings with love,


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House of Zhou at Solaire Resort and Casino

I will be sharing my reviews on one of the restaurants within Solaire Resort and Casino.

It was one Saturday night when my in-laws invited us to have dinner at House of Zhou – a Chinese restaurant in Solaire because they could use their points as a regular Casino player. We arrived at the place a bit late though because we still had to wait for my brother in law so we could go all together.

When we arrived at around 10pm, our table is already set for 8 persons. I noticed that only three tables are occupied that time. I wonder if it is because it is already late, its price range, or its location being on the vip suites in Sky Tower building.

We checked the menu and some of their dishes are really expensive. Their Yoshihama is around 14,000 php. But some dishes would range at 300-1,000 php. They offer a lot of Asian food choices which is good. 

We loved most of what we ordered, although their serving is quite small for its price.

Our total bill is around 4,500-5,000 php which is not bad considering that this restaurant is within the VIP area. They also have very attentive food servers and made sure to check on us every now and then.

They also served unlimited tea and would refill every few minutes to ensure that our drink remains hot. I honestly love their tea as it is not that strong compared to the normal ones such as Twinnings. They also served unli veggies to go with our food.

Overall, I think it could be an ideal date place if you are a fan of Asian food specifically Chinese cusine. It would also be a perfect spot if you want your date to be a bit more intimate, private, and away from the huge crowd visiting Solaire Resort and Casino. 

It would also be good if you could call the restaurant first to ensure that they could reserve a table for you if you are coming in a group. 

House of Zhou is located at the second floor of Sky Tower within Solaire Resort and Casino. I have linked below their website in case you would like to check more photos and their menu as well.
I hope you find my page helpful. Please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thank you! 

With love,

Van ❤️